Sunday, 6 February 2011

Believing in Luck and God Are Mutually Exclusive!

Simply put, you can't truly believe in God and at the same time believe in luck, they are incompatible! In other words, believing in the existence of luck is against believing in God and vice versa.

Luck is good or bad fortune in life caused by accident or chance.

This is a major difference between people who don't believe in God, atheists and pagans, and people who believe in God / higher wisdom and power.

2 important points to mention:
1) The law of probability and chance of course exist and don't conflict with God's power; for example you draw a dice and it turns out to be 5. The probability law is again done according to God's will and regulations.

2) Not always the good force (God's) happen. For example, someone cheats and put 5 on the table. this is again not luck but what is this then? certainly not God's will?

I don't choose to believe in Luck, I choose to believe in God :)
and you'll make your choice ;)
God Bless You Anyhow!
Anything good which happens is as a result of God's blessings and grace and anything not good which happens is something to help us grow wiser and stronger by its lessons.

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